Free Immune Action E-Book!


Nurturing our immune systems is more important than ever, especially as our communities reopen after the pandemic shutdown. Doctors Bojar and Balbo developed this free Immune Action Plan E-Book to help their patients stay healthy in this crucial time. The e-book features vital information to help keep you and your loved ones feeling well. Inside [...]

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High Altitude Sickness – Symptoms and Treatment


Struggling with Altitude Illness? Do you love the mountains but feel lousy at high altitude? Reduced oxygen levels can cause a host of unpleasant ailments that can put a damper on vacations and mountain lifestyles. The most common high altitude symptoms are: Headache Dizziness Nausea Vomiting Fatigue and loss of [...]

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What is a Healthy Diet?: The Million Dollar Question


My approach to diet and nutrition mirrors Balanced Nutritional Medicine’s overall wellness and functional medicine philosophy – it’s all about creating a balanced lifestyle that is healthy and sustainable in all regards. Fad diets work about 2% of the time. Real health is more of a marathon (rather than a [...]

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Plantar What???


Do your first few steps out of bed in the morning cause severe pain in the bottom of your foot or heel? Or does your heel hurt after jogging, skiing or playing tennis? Most commonly, heel pain is caused by inflammation of the plantar fascia — the tissue along the bottom [...]

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Healing with the Power of Light Energy


Low Level Laser Therapy Different seasons bring on different risks for pains, strains, bumps and bruises.  Winter brings on a slew of low back soreness from shoveling, achy knees from skiing, and all kinds of tweaks and twists from slipping on the ice.  It can feel like the storm cycle and the pain [...]

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The Aging Spine


It is happening folks… We are aging. And so are our bodies. Some of you may notice that as this is occurring, stiffness is ensuing and flexibility is harder to maintain in the joints of the body. A good contributor to this problem is something called degenerative disc disease (DDD). It is a [...]

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Keep It Moving


Kinesiology Tape: A tool to help you stay active and prevent injury. It is very important to stay moving and active at your best here in the San Juans.  With rivers to raft, peaks to climb, canyons to explore, runs to ski, and trails to ride, healthy muscles are essential [...]

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Use It or Lose It!


STRENGTH, FLEXIBILITY AND BALANCE As we get older, the physical changes that occur naturally in our bodies can keep us from doing the things that we love.  Strength and endurance training, balance and flexibility exercises are vital to health, quality of living and longevity as we age.  Here are some reasons why the [...]

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