Nutritional Medicine

balance-natural-medicine-nutritional-medicineBalance Natural Medicine offers the most personalized, comprehensive and clinically proven nutritional medicine available today. Dr. Jason Bojar, a board-certified Nutrition Specialist, works closely with patients to thoroughly evaluate and understand their health goals and concerns as well as their current health status — no matter how complex the situation or how many doctors you have consulted previously.

Dr. Bojar takes the time to get to know his patients and their health-related goals. He offers an open-minded, well-informed approach to managing and improving health and well-being. If you are already working with a practitioner, Dr. Bojar is well-suited to working in partnership with you and your doctor or specialist, to seamlessly blend conventional medicine with nutritional therapies to find a plan that best fits your needs and lifestyle and which addresses the root cause of any health issues. A full-spectrum therapeutic plan may include dietary therapy, exercise recommendations, lab analysis, prudent nutritional supplementation and stress relief techniques.

Dr. Bojar works with individuals who may not have an immediate health concern but who desire a proactive approach to maintaining and enhancing health and longevity. He regularly consults with athletes as well as “weekend warriors” whose goal is to achieve optimal performance or simply find more enjoyment in their activities. Patients with family histories of heart disease, cancer and other serious conditions can benefit from Balance Natural Medicine’s preventive approach to reducing the risk of such conditions.

Dr. Bojar has extensive post-doctoral training in laboratory evaluation and can analyze existing lab tests or order new labs to formulate a comprehensive strategy for optimal health. To learn more, click here for LABORATORY EVALUATION.

Balance Natural Medicine has successfully managed a wide variety of health concerns:

    • Type 2 Diabetes, metabolic syndrome and insulin resistance and lipid disorders
    • Autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, celiac disease, colitis, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis (and other forms of autoimmune activity)
    • Hormone imbalances including thyroid disorders, adrenal imbalance, menopause and andropause
    • Unwanted weight gain
    • Chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia syndrome and multiple chemical sensitivities
    • Depression, anxiety, mood disorders and ADHD
    • Autism spectrum disorders
    • Neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, neuropathy and seizures
    • Cancer adjunctive care
    • Chronic infections
    • Osteoporosis, arthritis, sports injuries, post surgical recovery, and muscle and skeletal pain conditions
    • Cardiovascular risk management, hypertension and heart rhythm problems
    • Healthy aging strategies and dealing with environmental toxins and sensitivities

Dr. Bojar offers free 15-minute nutritional medicine consultations. Call (970) 626-7137 to schedule your appointment.